Keeping up with regular house cleaning can be a struggle no matter your situation — whether you’re a parent taking care of your children or a couple performing your daily work from home duties. But a lack of time and energy should not translate to a dirty or cluttered living space.

TidyUpped House Cleaning is a family-owned cleaning business serving the Allen, TX suburb and surrounding communities, helping everyone feel confident in the sanitization of their homes. If you’re eager to take a daily chore off your to-do list with professional, recurring housekeeper near me services, learn the four major reasons why you should trust TidyUpped!



Local personnel has a better, more solid understanding of local concerns and what working parents or couples are looking for in a house cleaning app or similar services. TidyUpped House Cleaning provides more than just general housekeeper near me services; we are proudly family-owned and locally-operated.

Since getting our start in 2020, we’ve noticed a desperate need in the Allen, TX and Collin County communities for in-depth, thorough house cleaning and maid services. In a COVID-19 world and post-COVID-19 pandemic world, our fellow citizens, parents, and family members trust us to maintain their constant health and safety.



Your house is more than just where you live: it’s a workplace, where you raise your kids and pets, and where you spend time with your loved ones. TidyUpped House Cleaning’s housekeeping services near me not only feature professionally-trained staff with general liability and workers compensation insurance but we are also owned by a family. Therefore, we understand just how critical it is for our clients to interact with a helpful support team and dedicated housekeepers. Let our professional family take care of your family!



It’s natural for homeowners, parents, and busy young professionals to opt for housekeeper near me services and the help of a house cleaning app — as opposed to taking on any deep-cleaning themselves. TidyUpped House Cleaning makes this decision easy and painless by providing transparent pricing on all our housekeeping services near me; free online quotes are available only 24/7 so you can tell us exactly what you need done and about how much it will cost. Aside from this, our family-owned cleaning company also provides an in-depth look at what each of our services entails, so you can choose the right one for you!



Nothing is more important than the health, comfort, and overall safety of your household, and this is a responsibility TidyUpped House Cleaning takes extraordinarily seriously. It’s our mission to provide the highest level of cleanliness possible — either on a one-time or recurring basis — without interrupting your daily life. When you grant your House Specialist the chance to deep-clean or regularly clean your living space, we guarantee your satisfaction. Let us help you be the best version of yourself you can be without worrying about dust, dirt, or unsanitized sources.

Ready to get started? You can use our house cleaning app to book your own TidyUpped housekeeper near me and to get constant updates! Request an online quote for yourself online as well to keep your Allen, TX home in perfect condition!