You may have had a few chores as a kid, but it’s likely that your mom was responsible for the bulk of the housekeeping. And you probably often heard your mother utter the phrase, “I feel like a maid in my own home” or exclaim “I’m not your maid!”

At the time, you’d roll your eyes and carry on with what you were doing. But now that you’re older, wiser and maybe even a mom yourself, you probably have a better idea of why your mother felt unappreciated at home. Keeping a clean house is a never-ending task. There’s always a table that needs dusting or a sticky spill that needs to be scrubbed off a countertop.

So for Mother’s Day 2022, show Mom you appreciate everything she did in the past, and still does to this day. Thank her for being a great mother by giving her the gift of time. Treat her to some cleaning services.



A maid service that provides even the most basic room cleaning and maintenance can save Mom countless hours. For example, our Tidy Upped teams thoroughly clean each and every room in the house, washing floors, vacuuming carpets and knocking the cobwebs off ceiling fans as they go. They also tackle the most formidable housekeeping duties, like cleaning toilets and tubs and scouring the insides of dirty microwaves.

Each task alone might not take that long to complete. But pile them all together, and you’ve got a full day’s work depending on the size of the home and the number of interruptions that inevitably arise. And who really has a chunk of time that large to dedicate to cleaning the house on a regular basis?

So when you really think about it, giving Mom the gift of cleaning services is more than just giving her a clean home. It’s giving her weekends at the zoo with her grandkids. An evening relaxing after work. Or one less thing to worry about when hosting family gatherings, including the annual Mother’s Day celebration.



Make sure windows and doors seal tightly. If there are any unsealed concrete or mortar joints, they can bleed off bits of sand and concrete dust onto surrounding surfaces. Some utility companies will inspect your home for free, in order to determine if you have any cracks that are allowing things to come in or go out.

No, you’re just a modern-day supermom. You balance work, carpools, after school activities and housekeeping. On top of that, you’re responsible for shopping, getting dinner on the table, making sure the dog’s been fed and a variety of other chores. Wouldn’t it be nice to if you had time to take an extra yoga class, grab a coffee with friends or go out for a romantic night on the town?



So why shouldn’t you include yourself in the Mother’s Day celebration this year? If you’re feeling unappreciated at home, give yourself the gift of cleaning services, too.

This Mother’s Day 2022 show Mom that you do appreciate her, and all the housekeeping she did, by surprising her with a maid service or a Tidy Upped gift card. And don’t forget to pamper yourself while you’re at it. After all, you work hard. You deserve a Mother’s Day gift that can help you relax and spend quality time with your own family.